I’ve only been a comic book writer for a couple of years, with the launch of my first title, Kayless. I have, however, been a student of the genre for quite a bit longer, and a fan for decades. It’s a medium that has been marginalized for as long as I can remember, but still continues to astound me with its ability to present nuanced, dramatic stories with deep characters, in any genre you care to name. And it still, to this day, makes me wish I could shoot repulsor rays out of my hands.


Even an Android Can Pout

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The Vision was my favorite comic book hero as a kid. He was a strong character, with depths of real emotion, and he was good to have in a fight against Ultron. So, when I began trying to get my sea-legs in writing comics, the Vision was my equivalent of training wheels. What you need to know to understand the story: The Vision has a daughter he created, named Viv. Not long after her creation, Viv made friends and joined the teenage super team The Champions … and kissed another member, the teenaged Hulk. Anyway, you can take it from there.

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Laissez Fur

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Doug Hutzacker is a twenty-something with failed dreams, a rapidly-approaching due date on his rent … and a dog and cat he takes to the park. But, as Wiley and Bugs are about to explain, Doug is of critical importance to the peaceful co-existence of dogs and cats everywhere. If he can live through the next 30 minutes.

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An anomaly in space pops up during the Cold War, and the CIA sends up a secret team of astronauts to investigate. They suddenly cease contact, and the anomaly disappears. Everybody forgets… until present day, when one of them, Scott Anders, falls from the sky. He craters on the Arizona hardpan, and stands up without a scratch, roughly the same age as when he left. And so his quest begins, to find his missing compatriots and to return to space. Along the way he’ll meet allies, opponents, and mysterious forces that want to stop him at any cost and keep the mystery of the anomaly from coming to light.

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