All inquiries can be directed to

Can I request more than the available sample of one of your works?
Um, yes? It never hurts to ask.

I’m a writer. Can I adapt one of your works (ex. short story > screenplay) and use it as my own with a credit to you for the original work?
Let’s talk.

I’m an artist. Can I draw comic pages based on your comic scripts? Or concept art based on your stories or screenplays?
Let’s talk.

I’m a filmmaker. Can I produce a film based on your short stories, comic scripts, or screenplays? 
We must discuss. (Noticing a trend?)

I’m a publisher. Can I publish your work?
Verily, our discourse shall commence.

I’m a fan. Can I have your autograph?
C’mon, mom, you don’t have to ask.

Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Yes. In his current, flabby state. Also Randy Travis, Billy Idol, and “That guy from Dexter.”

I have an idea for a story … Can we collaborate and split the proceeds 50/50?
How about this… if you have an idea, I’ll write it, keep 100% of the proceeds and buy you dinner. How’s that sound?